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Harley in West Hills, CA

Do you need a loving and faithful companion? Meet Harley. He may be the most faithful pal you could ever have to share your time. Since he came in to foster care, he’s been on a loving journey with many adventures, including camping trips, holiday times, road trips and visits to friends sharing his foster family’s routines. Harley will be very accepting of your quirks, if you have some that is, if you will accept his limitations. 

Harley does seem to know he is slowing down now that he has only a little limited vision in his one eye. For a dog that has very restricted vision in one eye, he gets around pretty well. He walks around slowly and carefully now and he just wants to be with his people, like a Cavalier does. Most of his time is spent either on the couch or cooling down on the tile floor. He goes on short walks every morning – just to the corner and back, instead of around the block as he did when he first came to foster care. His foster mom and their sidekick, Bart is a younger rescue Cavalier let Harley decide when he's caught up on the neighborhood smells and ready to head home.

He loves his food a lot and car rides still top his list of favorite pastimes. Harley has a fine figure being a tall fellow in stature. He is always very happy to be in your presence and has a wagging tail to show his contentment. While in rescue, Harley had to have his left eye removed and since then his one eye has cataracts that have developed, which is slows him down as he navigates with caution now. He knows his surroundings in his foster home and is still navigating new territory whenever he finds himself in new places.

Harley’s beginning in foster care came about when his owner surrendered him to a local shelter after she was no longer able to care for him and rescue was contacted to help as Harley was diabetic and they knew he needed experienced care-taking. He now 12 years old and has a reputation as being an honest-to-goodness trooper despite his tribulations. Watching a favorite TV show or reading by the fire? Harley loves to snuggle by your side or on your lap.  He’s a great companion. 

Although a diabetic, Harley is an easy keeper. He loves his food and does need to stay on a 12 hour feeding schedule since he gets his insulin shot shortly after he finishes eating. The shots are easy to give, and Harley sits very quietly for them. He does ask that you warm the insulin up a bit before you give it to him. The syringes and insulin for his diabetes maintenance cost about $25 a month. Diabetes in dogs is very manageable – it is actually easier with dogs than with people, in that you have a lot of control over what they eat!


Harley does well with people of all ages, including the two young grandkids that are often visiting, he is okay with meeting other dogs as long as introductions are supervised – he will give a gentle notice to back off if a new enthusiastic pup may want to be overly friendly at first meeting.

Harley's needs are fairly simple. Give him lots of love, spend as much time with him or around him as possible, provide him with a secure yard or a short walk to take care of business, always have a bowl of fresh water available, feed him and give him his insulin on a regular schedule. If you can provide all of this, he in turn will be your ultimate, comfort Cavalier. You just have to figure out who's comforting who.

If you are interested in a mellow fellow with lots of love to share, have room in your heart for Harley and can meet him his needs, please complete an online application and contact Donna Beirne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to note your interest in Harley. Please note, Harley is eligible for our ShareCare program! Click here to learn more...ShareCare.

Our humble gratitude to professional photographer Rita Earl who donated these wonderful photos of Harley. Please check out her work at www.RitaEarl.com




  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 12
  • Birthday: 10/17/04
  • Weight: 32 lbs (he's tall, not overweight)
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Medical Conditions: Diabetic, requires insulin 2x a day. Has a grade 1 heart murmur, no medication required. Loss of left eye to glaucoma. Daily eye drops for his right eye.
  • Temperament: Sweet, happy, easy going
  • Recommendations: A home where he'll get lot of attention.
  • Location: West Hills, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: Yes

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