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Here's a picture of Mocha with her new family...

Introducing Lady Mocha, a 10-year-old Tri-Color Cavalier! An absolute darling, who loves to love and is looking for that special place she can call home.

Mocha hails from southern Washington State and was placed into rescue as her family could no longer care for her. She required several months of foster support due to some recent mobility issues that needed to be remedied. Thanks to everyone’s donation support, Mocha has made a full recovery from her surgery and is now enjoying her beloved daily walks.

If you’re looking for a cuddle companion that is energized by walks, kisses, and rubs then Mocha is for you! While most of the time Mocha is very laid back, enjoys a relaxing day filled with sleep, and cuddling, she winds-up with excitement for walks. She’ll dance and sing while getting ready to go outdoors and do her daily mile.

Mocha is on the healthy side for a Cavalier considering her age. She has a grade 2-3 heart murmur. She does have some mobility issues due to a previously torn ACL in her left leg and a recently surgically corrected medial luxating patella in her right leg. Her backend is weaker due to these issues, but over the past few months she has shown great progress with regular exercise and diligent support for vertical obstacles. Her confidence in her mobility has improved greatly as well. She jumps curbs and can climb stairs if they are small and few. Doggy stairs or assistance is a must for beds and couches.

She is highly intelligent and very food motivated, which makes her an excellent training partner. She’ll pick up on the smallest details and learn how to properly react in no time. In fact, she is so aware that with multiple people in the house she will learn how to interact with them based on their preferences. Licks or no licks, belly rubs or back rubs, and walk paths all catered to the individual.

She is a strong and effective communicator. She will bark at the door when someone approaches alerting everyone, and once asked she will stop barking. She also will bark when she needs something like being carried up stairs, go outside to potty, and of course walk time. 

Mocha is most comfortable in a home with adults and mild mannered dogs. She can handle children and other pets but her physical limitations require a subtle lifestyle with controlled exercise. 

If you’d like to be considered for Mocha’s new home, please complete an online application and then be sure to email Cindy Kastner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows of your interest.



  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 10
  • Birthday: 12-13-06
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Very reliable
  • Medical Conditions: Previous ACL tear in her left leg and a recently surgically corrected luxating patella in her right leg. Grade 2-3 heart murmur.
  • Temperament: Highly affectionate, alert, food motivated, good with other dogs and children indoors, timid with new people, requires leash outdoors, likes to chase cats and critters.
  • Recommendations: Adult home with a lot of companionship (older, respectful children okay). A single-story house with few stairs to the yard is ideal. Needs assistance with vertical obstacles such as stairs and furniture.
  • Location: Duvall, WA
  • Region: Western

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