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Finnegan in Woodland Hills, CA

Finnegan is equal parts sweet and sassy, full of swagger, and ready for lots of adventures! He is always the first one at the door to greet anyone! Fin’s favorite place is in the middle of the couch, even better when shared with a pal on their lap. Rolling on the carpet and belly rubs make him smile. Going for a ride? O happy day! Finn is your valiant co-pilot and fellow adventurer.

Convivial, curious, and oh so brave – what more can be asked of a loyal companion? He is your perfect partner in fun. Finn is happiest when adventures rule the day. Life is supposed to be fun is Fin’s motto. What makes Finn happiest are the simple things in life; a treat, a walk to the park, a back scratch, belly rub, getting in the car to go are the things that bring joyous barks.


Hello there, my name is Finnegan, aka Finny and Finn. I'm super cute and nice and looking for a lap to call my own. That's all that matters, right? From my puppyhood, I was very bonded with my human dad who had to go away to the Rainbow Bridge during the Christmas holidays. His devoted granddaughter wanted what is best for my future and asked Cavalier Rescue USA to help find me the perfect forever home for new adventures.

I’m told that will turn 8 years this month, but I have the energy and endurance of a young boy. I say I have more bounce to the ounce. I’m bigger than the other Cavaliers in my foster home, but I’m still a lap dog at heart and constantly want to be near my human. I enjoy going on long walks, even in the rain. A little hiking is the best ever and then relaxing big time! I would really like to have a companion to keep me physically active and take me out for daily adventures.

I'm easygoing with kids and dog friendly with the three Cavaliers in my foster home and all the other doggies I’ve met. Sometimes get protective of my food. Food is my highly valued resource and foster mom is aware of my possessiveness and manages this very well with the others at feeding times. I’m really getting so much better every day on this. I'm house-trained and have learned how to use a doggie door! Imagine that? 

I am eager to learn new things. I do know ‘sit’ and walk very nicely on a leash already, but I can learn more with proper guidance. All I need is someone committed to spending the time and effort to practice the homework on some lessons.

At my rescue exam I was updated on all the vaccinations and vet said I’m very healthy, just need to lose a few pounds. I get green beans added to my meals and I like them as treats too. I’m ready to continue on an exercise plan and good diet for a healthy future. Foster mom says my fluffy coat is one of best features, besides my adorableness and smiling eyes. Sure, I can be your only dog too, why not?

Are you impressed with my adorable good looks and my smarts? I sure hope so and hope you will consider me for your new family member.

Please complete an online application and send an email with a note of your interest to Donna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let her know of your interest in me. Applicants should be within a comfortable driving distance for a meet and greet in Woodland Hills. You can read about our adoption process by clicking the following links: Our Adoption Process and frequently asked questions FAQ

Love 'ya, Wigglebutt Finnegan!






  • Color: Blenheim
  • Birthday: 2/26/2009
  • Weight: 38 lbs and on a diet
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Reliable with frequent outings; doggie door proficient
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Happy, loving and loyal
  • Recommendations: Good with dogs and calm/well mannered children; he has not been cat tested. Finnegan will need continual food and exercise oversight with a high quality diet. Needs oversight on resource management regarding food in a multi-dog household.
  • Location: Woodland Hills, CA
  • Region: Western

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