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Oliver in Pawling, NY

Just Adopted!

Whatever is going on, Oliver has to be right in the middle of it. He seems to be everywhere all at once. You look for him coming in one direction, then zoom, he's coming from another. When he finally settles down you look down and there he is, on your lap. Sound asleep. You didn't see him getting up there either.

Oliver is a sweet little one year old who proved to be a little too much for his elderly owner. She loved him dearly, but felt he needed to be with a family with children, and maybe even another dog. He loves to play fetch and tag and always tries to get you to chase him. No matter how much running around he does, he's always happy to stop for a cuddle and kisses. Oliver is neutered. He is almost house-trained, almost ready to sit and stay, almost good on a leash, but needs someone who can work with him and get him to the next level. He is trained to sleep quietly in his crate through the night, and will stay there when he's not being supervised.

We are looking for a family with experience raising a puppy and who understand the right balance of play and discipline. Oliver is a real bundle of energy, but he's also a bundle of love.



  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 1
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Working on it. Needs supervision and continued training.
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy, being treated for a minor eye infection at present.
  • Temperament: Adorable, mischievous, affectionate, full of puppy energy.
  • Recommendations: Family with children and lots of energy, willing to work with and train Oliver as well as give him plenty of exercise.
  • Location: Pawling, NY
  • Region: Northeast

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