Southern Region

Lucy in Nashville, TN

My name is Lucy and my foster parents say I am all the reasons to love a dog, built into one snuggly bundle! I am full of pure sweetness and affection. I have a very gentle personality and love nothing more than to sit in your lap and give you kisses and loving glances, as long as you will let me. And my fur is so silky you may never want to stop petting me! But I am also energetic and agile and will sometimes try to engage you in a game of chase!


I LOVE to be outdoors, listening to the birds and exploring with my nose. My foster mom and I spend time outside together every morning while she drinks her coffee, and it is my favorite time of the day, unless it is mealtime, or when someone rubs my tummy, or at night when we snuggle and I sleep on my blanket on the bed. Oh, I guess really every time of day is my favorite time of day. I am always upbeat and expressively happy!


Let me tell you what I have learned in my foster home! I’ve learned that I LOVE being in a home where someone is home with me most of the day. I used to spend a great deal of my daytime hours alone, and now I am so joyful to have companionship day and night. When one of my foster parents comes back home even after a few hours, I jump for joy and lick their faces because I was so lonely without them!


I have also learned that I don’t have to be afraid of strangers. When I first came into my foster home I was anxious around strangers and would bark at everyone who came through our door! I still like to let my household know that someone’s at the door, but now I am brave enough to come up to greet them. That may be because the strangers started handing me a treat out of my jar right after they entered my house and I have learned that strangers can be fun to meet! My foster mom says I have a good memory, because after someone has been nice to me once, I remember them the next time they come around. We are all enjoying my newfound confidence!


I am still learning to be confident around other dogs when we go for walks on a leash. I’m not fond of big dogs and I will try to go the other direction as fast as I can. But I have made friends with a few dogs closer to my size, and I think I might enjoy having a confident small dog companion that could play with me and help show me the ropes.


Oh, and guess what else? I learned that I am in perfect health. The vet said that although I am mostly Cavalier, I may have some Japanese Chin relations! Who knew? That may account for my funny little under-bite that everyone thinks makes me look so adorable.

I think the perfect home for me would be one with a securely fenced in yard where I can explore to my heart’s content and a family member who can be home with me during the day to help me to continue building my confidence, and provide me with the security that I so long to have. If you think you could be that family, please complete an application and then contact Liz Nigh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ode to Lucy

Lucy you are a love and joy
I can hardly say goodbye to you
The only way I can even do it
is to know you’ve found a home so true
with parents that will hold you close
and give you what you want the most
Kisses, love and daily care
give your treats and brush your hair
And at night when you go to bed
let you snuggle by their head
And I’ll treasure that I’ve done my part
for a beautiful girl with a gentle heart


  • Age: 8
  • Birthday: 1/1/2009
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Sweet, gentle, loving, needs to continue building confidence with strangers and unfamiliar dogs
  • Recommendations: Someone who can be home much of the time, a fenced yard, and perhaps a small and confident dog companion
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Region: Southern