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Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Farnum

“Winter, spring summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there …You’ve got a friend”. Everyone knows these words from James Taylor’s song You’ve Got a Friend. And everyone at Cavalier Rescue USA knows that he must have been singing about one of our most dedicated volunteers, Michelle Farnum. Michelle has been with Cavalier Rescue USA for about 15 years and has served in many roles, including Coordinator for Connecticut…

This Story Could have Ended Badly

Meet Matthew. This sweet little guy was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. A good Samaritan brought him in to a veterinary specialist for treatment. After an owner did not come forward, the vet clinic called our North Carolina Coordinator and asked us to bring this sweet boy into rescue. Matthew had a fractured pelvis and required surgery to fix it. He was on crate rest for 8 weeks…

Love Sponge Harry

Harry, the Dog who Loves Love! Anyone who has suffered a serious injury or had surgery can relate to the frustration of immobility and the gnawing drain of constant pain. It takes a very special dog to weather the storms of multiple surgeries and the subsequent rehabilitation without losing patience, becoming depressed, or shying away from handling. One such incredible dog is Harry, the dog who “loves love.” Harry’s original owner passed away, leaving him…

Chip's Now a Southern Boy!

Chip was brought into rescue at the end of February 2016 after being rescued from a puppy mill. He had some pretty bad health issues, and came to us with dirty matted fur, fleas, bad teeth and a head tilt, most likely due to a stroke. Chip was about ten years old and ended up being neutered and had 14 teeth removed while he was in our care. He walks with a permanent crouch and…

Foster Perspectives

I've been a long time (decades!) Cavalier mom and volunteer with Cavalier Rescue USA, so I feel I can say with some authority that while every Cavalier is special, there are extra-special Cavaliers that we encounter from time to time whose health or behavioral needs exceed the commitment or capabilities of their families - either for financial or practical reasons. These special needs Cavaliers are where our mission, values and actions truly intersect to the…
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