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Veterinary support for the mile ahead We want to help those rescue angels who adopt a senior or special needs Cavalier from us, by sharing in some of the cost of care for the year post adoption, the mile ahead. We hope this will encourage more adoptions of these deserving companions. Here are the program details: • Cavaliers age 10 and over + dogs listed as special needs are included. • Cavalier Rescue USA will…

Testing Dog DNA

Learning our genetic history is significant for many individuals. And now, with many companies offering this service, we can find out much more about ourselves with just a swab of saliva, a few dollars, and a good Internet connection. This passion for knowing who we are genetically has extended to our dogs as well. People are requesting their dog’s DNA information in record numbers. Dog DNA testing became available to the typical dog owner in…

Food Recommendations

Please feed your Cavalier high quality food and feed 2-3 meals a day. While healthy foods may initially cost a little more, you will find them to be cost effective since one of the best ways to keep your Cavalier healthy is to feed nutritious food. Also, higher quality foods have less filler, so you can feed your pups less and get better nutrition. Quality Foods Should Contain: (1) Whole protein or protein meal (chicken,…

Links of Interest

Here are some websites that may be of interest... (wonderfully informative site that rates and evaluates the ingredients in dog foods) (your shopping spree can help a lame dog to run at over 1575 stores through this link and rescue receives a percentage of your purchase at no cost to you!) (mega website for dog adoptions) (buy great Cavalier emblem items and benefit our group) (this site has loads…

Buster's Story

Buster was released to Cavalier Rescue USA because his family could not afford the knee surgeries he needed. He was 3-years-old and unable to walk more than a few paces without taking breaks or to do many basic day-to-day activities such as climbing a flight of stairs. He was diagnosed with severe (grade-4/4) patellar luxation, which means his kneecaps were dislocated all of the time and he was in chronic pain. Our trusted orthopedic surgeon…
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