Chip's Now a Southern Boy!

Chip was brought into rescue at the end of February 2016 after being rescued from a puppy mill. He had some pretty bad health issues, and came to us with dirty matted fur, fleas, bad teeth and a head tilt, most likely due to a stroke.

Chip was about ten years old and ended up being neutered and had 14 teeth removed while he was in our care. He walks with a permanent crouch and has sprawled out little toes. But despite all of his problems, he was an affectionate dog who was really in need of a lot of love and patience. He loves people and dogs but exhibited the puppy mill reserve that is pretty typical. Every week he would gain more courage and was able to show how much he truly enjoyed being in a home. We truly enjoyed fostering him. He is one special guy!

We received many applications, but we were looking for that very special home. We knew we had dealt with the major issues, but Chip still had weak limbs and was very scared when by himself. He needed a home with a dog buddy that could give him loving attention and, if possible, one that had puppy mill experience.

We received one application that stood out from the rest. The only problem was that they were out all the way in NC and we are in PA. When we told this couple, we were surprised to find out that the husband owned a plane and flew as a hobby.

So the flight was within a 3 hour radius and they were happy and able to come and meet him. The best part of the story is that they were looking for an older dog and a buddy for their other 10 year old dog.

Wow, an older dog as a buddy, a dad who owns a dog boarding facility, a mom who is a veterinarian, and both parents have had experience with adopting a dog from a puppy mill and working with these kind of dogs! How perfect can you get?

Since they have owned Chip, they have provided even more needed care. He ended up having severe hip dysphasia which he is receiving the needed meds and physical therapy. They have really done a lot with him, and in great news for our group, they are now volunteers with Cavalier Rescue USA and are foster parents themselves!

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