Edna Mae

When Edna Mae's owner first called us she described a very sweet, very overweight 3-year-old girl who had a problem walking. She was 39 lbs and couldn't put any weight on her leg. She also had a urinary tract infection but she couldn't be carried outside to eliminate because the person who cared for her and had loved her for years was also sick and fighting cancer. Things had clearly gotten to a point that something had to be done. She said, tearfully, if I don't get help for her now I know she's going to end up crippled.

When we first picked up Edna Mae she sat in the back seat of our car and turned her back to us. It was as if she was saying, if I don't look at you, maybe you’d go away. Eventually her depression lifted. We got her walking outside. The meds took care of her UTI. We knew her weight was the first big project while we planned to fix her legs.

After a week or so we took the 2 hr drive to West Hartford Veterinary Services to visit their excellent orthopedic clinic. Following an evaluation we got the news that Edna Mae had a grade 4 luxating patella in her rear left leg, grade 3 in her right rear leg, both hips have hip dysplasia. The plan of action was to bring her back in a month for surgery on her left leg and to try to get as much weight off during that time. She was such a good girl, going for multiple short walks each day and not having any problems with her reduced food. By the time we returned she had lost 6 lbs.


Her surgery went extremely well and she recovered beautifully. She was a trooper, never complaining during her icing and bending and stretching sessions. She went on to physical therapy at Paddles and Paws in New Milford CT, where she graduated and got ready for a new home.

She now lives on the shore in Massachusetts, with a wonderful family who takes her out for 3 mile walks everyday. Our latest note from them said it all.

"Now, she is learning her routine, a stop at the coffee shop, get a pat or 2, then over the bridge, to the beach...after our personal parade, back and forth over the bridge, with what I must admit (or brag), at least 15 stops of adoration occur, it's a stop at the corner store, for more love, and a drink. In just over a month, I am so blessed with the newest little super star of the whole town! !! It's crazy what a month can do in the lives of a baby you know was sent to you for a reason, and the parents that can't get enough of her!!!! THANK YOU Cavalier Rescue USA! !!! Thank you Michelle! !!!!!!!!! Our lives are so grateful for our girl, and all that you do."

So the journey that began with such pain and heartbreak ends with pure love and joy.

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