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Kaley in Fort Collins, CO

Just Adopted!

Kaley in her new home.

Kaley is a smart, energetic three year old tri color girl. She came into rescue intact, with dental disease, a bit over weight with a dry coat that was loaded with huge chunks of dandruff and had some evidence of flea problems in her past.

Look at her now! She’s at a great weight for her frame. The dandruff is gone. Her lovely coat has some shine. She has done well with house training. She’s learned her name and comes when called. She’s curious, smart and loving.

Kaley was spayed recently, had a dental, is microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. She sleeps in a crate at night and travels well in a car. She wants to be with her people and is a constant shadow.

She would enjoy a home where she will get plenty of attention. She gets along well with other small, well behaved dogs and would enjoy having a companion dog as long as the dog is not too bossy.

If you live within two hours of Kaley and are interested in adding her to your home, please fill out an application and then write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let her know you are interested in Kaley.



  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 3
  • Birthday: 10/06/13
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes.
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy.
  • Temperament: Smart, energetic, willing to please, curious.
  • Recommendations: A loving home where she'll receive lots of attention. Another small dog would be preferred.
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO
  • Region: Western

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