Southern Region

Mia in Leesburg, VA

Adoption Pending!

If you enjoyed Bea Arthur in Golden Girls, then 12-year-old Mia is your gal! Confident with a bit of sass, Mia is nowhere near ready to be sidelined just because of age. Age is just a number in her opinion!

Mia had spent her life as a family pet obtained from a Cavalier breeder. Her prior owners released her to rescue when they began to fear that she would outlive them. Mia was clearly queen of her prior home and was very loved.


Mia is heart clear and healthy for her age with just a bit of arthritis. Mia would initially pull on the leash during walks, but use of a harness and more frequent walks have eliminated this habit. Mia walks politely by your side and will even trot to keep up with no signs of difficulty. She runs and plays with her foster brother who is ten years her junior and she truly enjoys life and play time.


Mia may have some hearing loss, however since resolving her ear issues she seems to hear the treat jar opening just fine! While Mia’s eyesight is sharp, she does require daily eye drops twice a day. These are normal lubricating eye drops that humans also use. Mia only has three teeth, so her tongue will hang out on occasion. She is able to eat regular food, but would like it to be moistened a bit for her. She has a gallstone that the vet believes does not bother her.

As an older gal, Mia enjoys wearing a sweater during this current cold snap. She has enjoyed her routine of baths and brushing while in foster care and her coat looks wonderful with no bare patches or dandruff. Mia has aged very well; a true Golden Girl!


Mia has adapted effortlessly to her foster home and foster canine-siblings. If there is a central area of the home, that is where you will find her most of the day, napping on the largest pillow she can find. Mia likes other dogs and meeting new people on her walks. She greets everyone with a happy wag and shining eyes, which always brings a laugh to whomever she has charmed. Mia spent her life sleeping in a crib, therefore has no problem sleeping in a crate in the same room as her human or canine fosters.


A household with adults or older children is preferred due to Mia’s age. It is unlikely that Mia was exposed to very small children very often during her life. A home that has confident, friendly canine companions is also recommended, as Mia did exhibit dominating behaviors which she has quickly given up while in foster care.


Thank you for taking the time to consider our Golden Girl, Mia. She has taken over as the Grande Dame with her foster family, and she will give a lucky family more years of her sassitude and snuggles.

If you live within reasonable driving distance of Northern Virginia and would like to be considered as a family for Mia, please complete the online application and then email Rescue Coordinator Michelle Ouellette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows that you have applied.



  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 12
  • Birthday: April 27, 2005
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Reliable with no accidents since we established her routine the first couple of days in foster care.
  • Medical Conditions: Very healthy for 12! Slight arthritis in lower back and rear legs. Slightly damaged larynx from a decade of wearing a collar. Eye drops twice a day.
  • Temperament: Sweet and sassy, loves to be with others, either canine or human. A home with confident companions is recommended.
  • Recommendations: Adult household with someone able to accommodate more frequent walks or letting Mia outside. A fenced yard is preferred.
  • Location: Leesburg, VA
  • Region: Southern

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