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Win a portrait of your Cavalier to treasure forever or, A five night vacation stay with a breathtaking view. Your donation of $25 or more to Cavalier Rescue USA supports our mission – PLUS earns you a ticket to possibly win either a gorgeous custom oil painting of your dog or a luxurious beach getaway in sunny California! Just click on the Donate button below to obtain tickets. A donation of $25 will give you…

Please Want Me

Recently, Cavalier Rescue USA introduced Scarlett to the world. Scarlett is a darling Blenheim puppy, loving and sweet, who is looking for a forever family. Scarlett has hydrocephalus and some special needs, so she needs an exceptional family who will take her situation in stride and focus on the joy and affection they will receive from this great little pup. Sometimes the term special needs can be scary but special needs do not define a…


We wanted to let you all know that you can shop at over 1000 stores and sites like Expedia, Apple, Toys R Us, Sephora, Hilton Hotels, Macy's, Petco, Best Buy,, Frontgate, Old Navy, Stonewall Kitchen, J. Crew, Nordstom, Pottery Barn and many, many more at no cost to you and Cavalier Rescue USA will receive a percentage of the sale as a donation! It's a great way to shop and to help rescue at…

This Story Could have Ended Badly

Meet Matthew! This poort little guy was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. A good Samaritan brought him to a veterinary specialist for treatment. After an owner did not come forward, the vet clinic called our North Carolina Coordinator and asked us to bring this sweet boy into rescue. Matthew had a fractured pelvis and required surgery to fix it. He was on crate rest for 8 weeks to…

Love Sponge Harry

Harry, the Dog who Loves Love! Anyone who has suffered a serious injury or had surgery can relate to the frustration of immobility and the gnawing drain of constant pain. It takes a very special dog to weather the storms of multiple surgeries and the subsequent rehabilitation without losing patience, becoming depressed, or shying away from handling. One such incredible dog is Harry, the dog who “loves love.” Harry’s original owner passed away, leaving him…
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