Every boy needs a dog. Meet puppy Buddy and his new best friend.

Buddy came to rescue after his breeder had trouble placing him because Buddy is blind.

This little guy doesn't let his lack of sight define him though and runs and plays and loves with gusto. He's a determined puppy who playfully pounced on the other dogs in his foster home and pulled their ears. Happily, they were tolerant and enjoyed having Buddy around.

He's a little cuddler too, and enjoys napping with his new friend.


Buddy was trained by his foster family in Hawaii to respond to voices and touch and he's doing great with this.

He learned his way around the home, both indoors and outside. He maneuvers around the house without skipping a beat, quickly learned all the boundaries and obstacles outside, and effortlessly navigates them. He can be a little rascal, but in a good way, and, at the end of the day, there is always well deserved nap.


This little angel is now with his new family bringing joy to their lives and especially to the little boy who is his playmate and companion.

We couldn't be happier for this outcome and know sweet Buddy will have a long and happy life!

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